Trick or treat

Here are some pictures from tonight's fun. We started out at Poppy & Nana's, then headed to Denison to see some friends from church and trick or treated in their neighborhood, then we capped off the night by going to Pap & Gran's house! All I can say is It's a MIGHTY good thing that we get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow because the Reed boys will need that extra time to digest all the sugar they've had tonight! Good times!

Poppy & Nana & the Boys

Mom & the boys trick or treating in Denison

Family picture at Gran & Pap's house

With Gran & Pap in front of the Fall tree

Another Halloween is in the books!

Halloween Weekend

How fun that Halloween is on Saturday this year! That means that David will get to enjoy trick or treating with us. The weekend has started out great. Peyton's school had their first Mustang Awards Celebration of the year on Friday. There are 6 or 7 awards given out for every class and once again Peyton won the Mustang Reader award!! Out of his four years in school, he has won the Reader award a whopping 3 times. Last year he won the writing award. But honestly, he could win them all. He's such a smart kid and we're so proud of him.

The Mustang Readers

Peyton & Dad

Peyton & Mom

Peyton only had a half-day of school so after he was done we headed to get much needed haircuts for them. I love fresh haircuts on my boys!

Next up was the 3rd annual Lipscomb-family Halloween Party. You might remember my post from last year, and once again they outdid themselves! It was held at the Elves Pumpkin Patch in Pottsboro. It's owned by a guy that I went to high school with and is the perfect place for 100+ ghouls and goblins to safely celebrate. There was tons of food, a costume contest for both kids and adults (Thanks Jen for asking Peyton to judge the adults! He took his responsibility very seriously!), hay rides, hay bale jumping, pumpkin picking, pumpkin decorating and the finale-a magic show from BAM magic, the same magician that performed at our Upward Awards Ceremony last fall. My little Flash and Mario had a great night.

The Flash & Super Mario

The Flash -4 years old

Super Mario-8 years old

Super Mario, the Flash and Mom, the football player on a hay ride

After they decorated their scarecrow

Tonight we'll head out to Gran & Pap's and Poppy & Nana's houses to trick or treat. (Grammy & Granddaddy are in Illinois this weekend) and then it's the ROC breakfast at church tomorrow morning (with an extra hour of sleep)

Hope your Halloween is spooky but safe!


Sugar Cookies + Icing + Sprinkles=

One HAPPY Reed family tonight!

Creating a masterpiece

And they don't taste too bad either!

Serious work at hand

He used every single type of sprinkle

Totally appeasing me by smiling for this pic!

Me & my happy face-cookie


No Line on the Horizon

Monday, October 12th was date night for David & I. Since college, we've both been huge fans of U2. Actually, David was probably their fan longer than that, but for me Achtung Baby IS my freshman year at Baylor. The minute the tickets for the show in Dallas were available, David was on the computer. Seeing them in concert at the new Cowboy's Stadium was the best!! We had dinner at On the Border in Arlington and then practically drove up to the front door to park. I guess when you've got 20 years worth of material, it makes it easy to put on a great concert and Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry didn't disappoint. It was kind of funny to see all the 30, 40 and 50-somethings rocking the night away.

The boys have enjoyed U2's latest album as much as we have. They both have their favorite songs and can sing them word-for-word. Peyton was honestly disappointed that he didn't have his own ticket to the concert, but dear old dad brought him a souvenir...his first $40 concert T-shirt. I think you can tell from the surprised look on his face that he was pretty pleased. Thanks to Grammy & Granddaddy for letting them spend the night so that we could get away.

David outside the Stadium

This is one happy concert-goer outside our front door parking spot!

A look at the stage before the concert from our section.

We walked around the stadium before the show. Here's a few from the top

At our seats after Muse's performance (the opening band)

Date night!!

U2 on the jumbo screen

Awesome concert!

Check out the cool bridges that rotated around the stage.


Getting his first concert T!

Dad & Peyton checking out the dates & concert locations

This smile is priceless!

It's Fall Ya'll

Last weekend was the annual Peanut Festival in Whitesboro, but horrors...we didn't go! I know, it's awful, but there just was too much going on to take in that additional bit of fun. Instead we filled our Saturday with flag football and soccer, TX/OU on TV, naps and then a night of fun at David's Aunt Jane & Uncle Brian's house. The boys loved it because Uncle Brian had the fire pit fired up and they got to roast hot dogs and make smores. Aunt Jane got them Mr. Potato-Head supplies that are made for pumpkins...so cute...and they decorated their pumpkins. We got a sneak peek inside their neighbor's "man-cave" and of course, got to love on baby Emma Grace, the newest member to that side of the family. It was a fantastic Saturday!

Gran & Pap and the boys
(Do you see the Bryan's "man-cave" over Pap's shoulder? So awesome!")

Gran loving on Little P

My boys

Smiling after a yummy meal

Upside down Preston

Jennifer & sweet Emma Grace

We love Aunt Jane (Nana) & Emma Grace

Uncle Brian and his dad Bill

David's cousins Mitchell & Michael-They kept our boys busy playing
football and decorating pumpkins. They're such good sports!

The finished "Mr. Potato-head" Pumpkins

Peyton & his skeleton pumpkin

Preston & his pirate

Wisdom and love

Yes, I know. It's been a ridiculously long time since I've posted, but life just seems to be happening at such a feverish pace that I forget to record it online. But I plan to make up for it now with a series of posts and pics.

In the past 6 days, our kiddos have gotten to spend valuable time with 3 people that are VERY special to us-their GREAT-grandparents. David's grandparents, Mama & Papa Reed live right up the highway from us in Whitesboro and we try to visit them often. Over the past year, Papa has suffered some health issues that have left him less talkative, but there is no less love in his eyes when Peyton & Preston walk into his room. The boys are so good about loving on him and there is no doubt that he soaks up ever hug and squeeze from them. Mama is so full of life and we love visiting with her. She is such a strong woman and has worked hard her whole life. I hope she's enjoying her long overdue chance to relax. They are both in their 90's. It makes me wonder if David & I will live that long!!

Mama Reed and the boys

The Reeds

The youngest & oldest Reed men

The boys and their Great-grandparents

My spunky grandmother, our Mema, is in town this weekend to pick up my Uncle Greg from the airport. He's in town from Anchorage, AK and next weekend, along with my parents, is headed to Illinois to visit Mema's brothers and their family. The boys and I got to spend some time with her on Friday night and she came to Peyton's football game to cheer the Colts on to another victory...not that we're keeping score! Isn't she beautiful!!??!! She's got a birthday on Wednesday and although she's another year older, she's still as young at heart as anyone I know.

Mema & the boys