Slip n slide

Just one more reason to love Wednesday nights at the farm...


Celebration Weekend

What a fun weekend this has been! To begin with, David & I celebrated our 11th anniversary on Saturday. Poppy & Nana offered to keep the boys so that we could go out. We decided to take a trip to Frisco. We headed to Stonebriar for some shopping, dinner at Texas Land & Cattle Company, watched "The Proposal" at the movie theater and then got a late night snack at Sonic. It was such a good time!! The boys ended up spending the night. We weren't sure how late we'd be out so we left it up in the air. When we called to check in after the movie, Poppy told us that he'd told the boys that if they were still awake when we called that he'd take them home but if they were already asleep they could spend the night...that Poppy is a genius!! Preston RAN to bed.

11 wonderful years of marriage!!!

Sunday morning was the VBS family celebration at church. Instead of our traditional Sunday sermon, the kids performed the Boomerang Express songs that they learned. There were several professions of faith during the week and it was SO awesome to see all those kids come forward.

The boys gave David his gifts and cards this morning before church and we had his request menu for dinner tonight...chicken enchiladas with chocolate cookie sandwiches with peanut butter frosting.

It was definitely a weekend of celebration!!! Now the countdown to vacation begins...


Friday Fun

What does:
one inside out Hawaiian shirt + one inside out pair of shorts + one red baseball belt + one Scooby shoe + one sock & tennis shoe + one Yoda button + one Spurs button+ lots of hair gel and a ponytail holder = Wacky Backwards Day at Jack & Jen today.


School days, school days

I know we're just at the beginning of summer but the time has come for D & I to make some solid decisions on where little P will go to school next fall. The little guy made it a few weeks at TCS last fall until his utmost disinterest in becoming potty-trained became an issue. He's been in a local daycare since then and has certainly been cared for well there, but it's become more and more evident to us that he needs that extra bit of structure that a preschool setting can offer.

Peyton attended a Methodist Church's Day School when he was 3 and TCS when he was 4 and to keep our toes in the waters of all the local schools we now think that Preston is going to go to a different Church School in the town where I work. The 3 of us went for a school visit today and found the school and the new principal to be a delight. She's got a public school background where she was a principal and school counselor. In addition, she has some special training in behavior modification...need I say more?!? Preston loved the aquarium, the classes, the toys, the computer lab and the artwork that filled the walls.

They do require a uniform, even for the preschoolers, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing him dressed up in his Wednesday attire of white dress shirt, navy pants...and a navy tie! This kid LOVES to dress up so I think he'll think it's pretty great too. If you think about it, say a prayer for us that we're making the best choice for our little guy. You're only 4 years old once!


What a mess

Ok, so this is what happens when you decide to update the look of your blog after 10pm! Excuse the mess while I try to fiqure out what I did last night!


Headed to the century mark

Remember this post? Well let's just say that I when I weighed in this morning at my monthy appointment with the bariatric surgeon, there was 28 pounds less of me to be proud of. Yep...that's 94 total since September 23. WOO-HOO!!!