Here's 4 minutes of soccer greatness from Peyton's Upward team The Edge coached by David. We're especially proud of the header at about 1:35 into the video.


Preston's 5th Birthday Party-Video Style

David to the rescue. Even though I can't download pics just yet...here's a video set to the birthday boy's favorite song to enjoy!
(Don't forget to mute my blog music)

Oh NO!!

I finally found some time to sit down to blog the events of the past couple of weeks but now seem to have misplaced that very important cord that helps me download my photos to my computer. And since I hate to blog without pics I'll have to try again later. WHERE OH WHERE COULD IT BE?!?!?



Tonight was our annual egg decorating party at Gran & Pap's. This year's theme was Monsters!! You'll see that the boys came up with some pretty creative creations!

Gran & the Egg Dippers

Getting ready to dunk their eggs

Smiley Mom

Preston getting a ride from Dad

Back at home with our creations

Super Cute!

The one with all the hair is Einstein!!