Now that's some entrance

If David and I ever decide to renew our vows, this is how I'd like to start things off. And seriously, what great friends this couple has!! Wow, this is a wedding that no one that attended will ever forget.

(Don't forget to mute my background music before you play the video)


Hot Summer Nights

During the summer, Sherman hosts an event called Hot Summer Nights. Each Thursday night, a different band plays at the gazebo on the lawn of the Municipal Building. This year a different KXII "personality" has been the emcee for the evening. David's night was a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit that of all the bands that were on this year's schedule, Spur 503 was the one I knew the most about. Of course the boys and I loaded up our blankets, chairs and dinner to go to watch Dad (and hear the band). Sadly, when I pulled my camera out to take pics I realized the batteries were dead and my back-up was at home. Thankfully a friend from work sent me a couple of pictures of David that she took. Doesn't he look the part of "cool, summer guy"!?!


Saturday Night at the Lake

This afternoon we met several of our friends out at the Baptist Association's Lake Property for some water-fun, food and fellowship. Kyle Anderson smoked a brisket and we had a feast! We built sand castles, tossed around a football and took turns riding on the Taylor's boat. Both boys had a blast tubing. What a beautiful afternoon and evening!

Ready to ride

Taylor and Peyton trying to bump each other

Is it my turn yet?

Captain Randy keeping an eye on our boy

Mr No Fear!

Mom and her lake-lovin boy

Big boys on the boat

Little kid's easy ride

Sunset sweeties at the lake

Tria and Preston having a heart to heart (about Oreo cookies, I think...)

Brotherly Love

Preston telling me all about HIS fire engine on our way back home


Not to be outdone...

Of course THIS showed up on KXII sports tonight...

No interviews, but both Peyton and our niece Riley showed up in the video. And speaking of Peyton and Riley, guess where Poppy & Nana took them last Friday? The new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. Peyton says it is pretty awesome!!


Peyton on KTEN

Recognize the first cute kid interviewed here??? Rest assured that his dad has given him a hard time for appearing on "the competition"!!

Celebrating our independance

The 4th of July is one of my all-time favorite holidays. This year it was...

Watermelon at Aunt Jane & Uncle Brian's house (after hot dogs, of course!)


Slip n slide AND baseball, what's more American than that?

Most of the crew watching the boys play.

Me and my honey

That's one happy boy!

And the finale...a fireworks show in Van Alstyne.



Sweet summertime

Trying to blog about the amazing vacation that we just had is almost too overwhelming! But here goes:
Left Sherman on Friday around 10, lunch at Boston Market (no air conditioning there at first!), drove to Waco, Bear Pit (too hot for the bears), Book store for t-shirts, notebooks and key chain, lots of Leapster L-Max, 20 Questions, and Doodle Pad play, arrive in Round Rock, stay at Marriott-La Frontera, dinner at Hula Hut-for free-thanks Randy Gill!, ran into a group of 20+ Texomans who were there to play golf that weekend, Peyton got his "Keep Austin Weird" shirt, slept in, trip downtown, saw the Capital-still amazing everytime we see it, lunch at Huts Hamburgers with Leila & Joe, drive to SA, bumper-to-bumper traffic on 410, arrive at one of the most amazing resorts ever-Hyatt Wild Oaks Ranch, jumped into our swimsuits and hit the main pool, water slides, cacti water fountains, water guns, water basketball, dinner at Bennigans (kids eat free on Saturday night!), Bee Movie & popcorn under the stars back at the resort (at the firepits), to bed late, slept in, hit the pool again, discovered the beach & the lazy river...heavenly!, lots of SPF 50, lunch at JB's (pizza & salad), more swimming at the main pool, dinner at La Margarita downtown (they've renamed "The Best of the Best", our favorite dish to share), back to the room for Monsters Inc on DVD, got up a little bit earlier, Sea World, preferred parking-SO worth it!!, met a SeaWorld police man (Preston thinks we need to talk to every policeman we see on this trip!), rented a stroller, Preston's 1st melt-down, Shamu-AWESOME!, Steel Eel roller coaster for Mom & Peyton and then Dad & Peyton, yummy lunch indoors, fed the dolphins (so cool to touch them), aquariums-sting rays. sharks. eels. coral and more, visited the kiddy area for rope climbing, water play and a Shamu mini-coaster (Little P loved this!), headed to the water park for playtime on the Pirate Ship, refreshing water!!, Otter show, left SeaWorld, dinner at Whataburger, slept like babies tonight, full day of fun in the sun back at the resort, back to the beach and lazy river, then more pool time, lunch at McAlister's Deli, more swimming, Big P tied for first in the Noodle Race (free ice cream from JB's), clean up and head back downtown for dinner at Mi Tierra's, picked up our annual vacation Christmas tree ornament, last night in paradise, check out at 10 am, head downtown for tour of the Alamo, River Walk, lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, back in the car, drove and drove and drove, too much traffic in Plano, dinner at Jason's Deli, stopped at Fry's to browse, back home around 9 pm. What a WONDERFUL vacation and we still don't have to be back at work until Monday!!! Hallelujah!!!

Bear Pits at Baylor

Peyton & Dad at Hula Hut

Mom & Preston at Hula Hut

Boys at Hula Hut

Dad & Mom at Hula Hut (can you tell we love this place!)

Sitting at the center of the Capitol

Future Texas State Senator or Representative?

Leila, David & Joe-former work buddies

The indoor watergun at Wild Oak Ranch

A LOT of ball was played here!

Indoor pool, basketball goal and cacti sprayers

The wonderful Lazy River

Who needs a tube?

Lovin' the River

The Noodle Race at the main pool-down to the finish line

Snacking by the pool

Shamu is amazing!

Boys with one of Shamu's trainers!

Mini coaster ride

Feeding the dolphins

Climbing the ropes at Shamu's Happy Harbor

Lots of fish to see

Water fun at Sea World

The end of a really great day

Dessert case at Mi Tiarra's

Remember the Alamo!

Garden at the Alamo

On the River Walk

Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe'