Rainy Saturday

We thought Ike might keep us from Upward Flag Football this morning, but the games went on as scheduled. Once again Peyton scored the first touchdown of the game running the same route as last week. Coach Dad gave him the Best Effort sticker to add to Best Defense from last week. My cheerleaders seemed to be less tired than they were last weekend and were pretty cute doing their cheers...rah rah!!

After the game, we met up with Grammy, Granddaddy, Uncle Matt and our soon-to-be Aunt Katy. Matt & Katy were in town picking up their wedding bands and brought us Peyton's tux. The countdown is at just 4 weeks and we can't wait til Katy is an official member of the family. We love her! Of course Preston being Preston came into G&G's house, went right up to her and asked...where's the DOG? He's quite smitten with her dog Izzy. What a greeting, huh?

Afterwards the 8 of us went to Panera for lunch. Here's a pic of the boys with the bride- and groom-to-be:

Tonight was Fellowship Night at church. Every couple of months Parkside encourages the adult SS classes to get together and they have the kids up at the church for pizza and games. Our boys LOVE these nights. This was our first fellowship with our new class. We did Mexican stack-ups and then did what is expected...guys in the living room to flip between a couple of football games and the girls were in the dining room-mostly talking about our kids and school. Hearing some of them with older boys talk really made me smile. Although I often feel like I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to parenting the P's, it sure sounds like it gets even more nutty when they're older.

I'm off to my bed to enjoy the sound of the rain outside and start my last book in the Jan Karon Mitford series...Life is good.


Weekend of firsts

Both boys (and Mom & Dad) had a weekend of firsts. On Friday, Preston had his first class get together with the kiddos in Mrs. Nehib's class. We met at the Hawn Park Splash Pad. The kids ran through the water and enjoyed ice cream and brownies. It was fun to meet the families of the sweeties that Preston spends his day with. Everyone was excited because even Wendy made an appearance...in her swimsuit of course!
Peyton's first Upward Flag Football game was on Saturday. His team is the Dolphins and dear ol' Dad is the coach. Peyton scored the first touchdown on the first play of the game and had an interception later in the game. Mom is helping with a cheerleading squad and that's a lot of fun...sweet, sweet girls. Of course it's FOOTBALL time in America so you know where the rest of Saturday went. The Big 12 did pretty well including our Baylor Bears. Now we're off to church and the Cowboys tonight.