Fall Ball

We have officially become a two-sport family, meaning that both our boys are now playing organized sports. For Peyton it's Flag Football season. He's playing in the Upward league at church again this year and once again David is his coach. Here are some pics of the Colts.

Do these boys look ready to play or what?!?

What a great group of the cheerleaders!

That's our boy with the ball!

And now that Preston is 4, he is old enough to play soccer. We were a little concerned because the week of the first game we still hadn't heard from a coach, but thankfully a very nice dad stepped up and offered to coach our Iron Kids. I had forgotten how quickly disinterested they get when it comes to practice. There is always the need for a "quick" drink of water, the desire to stack up all the cones that are the make-shift goal and the sweetness that comes from picking flowers for your mother in an effort to keep from doing a drill. They're like little busy bees with no attention span! After about 5 minutes into his first game, Preston ran over to David and asked if they had won yet. He was pretty disappointed to learn that it would take more than one goal for the game to end. It's going to be a fun season!

Mr. Friendly waving to a friend from school who is on the other team.

We have action by our little man!

I guess no one told him that the other team would be scoring goals too.


It's the most wonderful time of the year

Yes, it's football season and all is right with the world! Peyton and I have watched our fair share of games today but I have to admit that it just wasn't the same without David here! And the reason he wasn't here...he covered the OU-BYU game tonight at Cowboys Stadium. (Poor Sooners lost 14-13!!) It was the first "real" football game in the new stadium and while he rarely works weekends, he couldn't miss the opportunity to go to the game and watch it from the sidelines. He even made the national telecast on ESPN when the OU quarterback Sam Bradford had to leave the game with a shoulder injury. ESPN got a clear shot of David shooting Sam heading into the locker room. The boys and I thought it was pretty cool to see him on national TV. Of course we see him almost every night here from KXII, but this was a totally different setting!

Of course the most exciting game wasn't televised but we watched it on the computer. Our Baylor Bears played a great game against Wake Forest and although the score ended up with our Bears winning 24-21, the Bears were in control the entire game. The score doesn't reflect the great game play by Baylor. I'm praying this means BU is going to be more of a contender than they have been in the past 15-20 years! LOL!!

We also got to spend some time today with some new friends. We welcomed the Shirley family to Sherman. Drew Shirley is the new weekend anchor at KXII and his wife Jennifer and sons Jay & Luke are so sweet. We didn't actually get to meet Luke because we dropped in during his nap time, but our boys loved playing with Jay's toys and Jennifer and I had a good time getting to know one another. We're so glad they're here and can't wait to introduce them all to more of our friends.

Tomorrow we head to Allen to celebrate our niece Emma's birthday. It will be another fun day with family!! And then we still have the Monday holiday to look forward to!


Celebrate the Week of Hope

Honestly, I can't recall right now how I found this card site, but I know it's been several months ago. They have some really beautiful and clever stationary and I LOVE to visit their site. Today, I received an email from them telling me that they are participating in The Week of Hope in a very special way. From today until September 7, you can go to their site and send one of their cards, that you cutstomize online, to ANYONE you choose, for...FREE! How awesome is that? You only get to send one card, but I think that this is seriously cool. You do have to submit your credit card info, but during checkout, you enter the code SENDHOPE and you won't be charged anything. So again, go here and send someone you love a card for this Week of Hope.