Long, wonderful weekend

I realize how fortunate I am to work only 4 days a week. But it's these LONG weekends that really make me appreciate my work schedule! Our weekend has been full of car purchases, swimming and birthday parties.
On Friday, after several days of searching, David found a car to replace his CRV. The 1997 Honda had given us a good 6 years, but after this spring's hail damage, it finally gave up and things started to fail. David looked at Lexi (is that the plural for Lexuses??) and Acuras at several dealerships before finally deciding to take a chance on a person-to-person deal for an RSX in Roanoke. He and I drove down there Friday and BINGO we had a winner. We spent a couple of hours doing paper work and waiting for a wire fund transfer, but David got an immaculant "new" car to bring home...one that is sporty and fun. Isn't she pretty?

David's new ride

The boys spent the night with Gran & Pap Friday night and had a blast...as usual! David and I were able to sleep in late and took care of getting new tires for my SUV Saturday. The rest of the day was nice and relaxing. One of Peyton's buddies had a birthday party that night at The Splash at Fairview park. I had some really great pics from that party, but just realized as I was writing this post that I deleted them tonight! Trust me when I say that the whole family enjoyed a great time with friends!

Sunday morning, there was only one service at The Park. Alas, David and I had nursery duty and instead of enjoying our annual patriotic service we played with a gob of toddlers. We shared duty with 2 other sweet moms and really had a pretty good time. I heard the service was wonderful and I looked forward to participating next year. After lunch at Wendy's we took the boys for a surprise and watched this...

Night at the Museum-Battle of the Smithsonian

That made the Reed boys VERY happy!! It was a great sequel. Although, I feel like I'm on this Amy Adams-movie kick. In the last couple of weeks I've seen Enchanted, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and now the second Night at the Museum.

Monday was a work day for David :( , but the boys and I headed to Allen to celebrate Ellie Grace's 5th birthday. As usual, Nicole planned the perfect party. There was tons of swimming, a water ballon toss and tons of Hello Kitty! (including a pinata). Afterwards, Bryan led a team of talented culinary experts and made hamburgers that were the size of my head...and were delicious! Preston was definitely a fan. There was also homemade guacamole, grilled onions, fresh fruit and salads. Y-U-M-M-Y!!

Brotherly love

The Fish


Water balloon toss

More tossing on a smaller scale

Loving the water slide!

Preston with the Birthday girl!

Birthday girl and Hello Kitty!


May I have your autograph?

Ok, so it's technically not my autograph, but many thanks to my SIL for the tip on adding a sig to my blog posts!!


Mother's Day Tea

For several weeks now Peyton has been excited about me coming to the Mother's Day Tea in his class the Friday before Mother's Day. He kept telling me that it was going to be very special, but that he couldn't tell me anything about it. One day he even brought home a questionairre and interviewed me.

Well yesterday he woke up and said his stomach didn't feel too great. Once he told me the symptoms, it sounded a lot like the acid reflux that he occassionaly suffers from. So, I loaded him up with Prevacid and sent him on his way. Unfortunately, it was more than a little reflux!! About an hour later the nurse was calling me at work to let me know that he'd gotten sick. David rushed up to get him while I got an appointment scheduled with Dr. L. During our visit, there were signs that maybe he had more than just a normal bug. They took some blood (and he was SO brave!!) and found that his white blood count was a little high. Not high enough to definitively point to what the doctor thought be going on, but not low enough to rule it out. The possible diagnosis...appendicitis! After getting sick again before we left the office he got a shot of Phenergan and slept for 4 hours! Once he got up, you could tell he felt MUCH better!! He had a great night and enjoyed a hearty bowl of chicken noodle soup for dinner. When I mentioned that he would need to stay home from school today, I saw the saddest set of eyes ever. He was SO disappointed that we wouldn't get to go to the Tea. I told him we'd play it my ear and see how things went.

This morning he woke feeling even better. Since I know the school has that 'Don't return to school until 24 hours after vomiting' rule, I decided to keep him home, but emailed his teacher about the possibility of him attending the Tea. She emailed me right back and said that as long as he felt well, she REALLY wanted him to be there. She knew about all of the hard work that they'd put into this special day and knew that Peyton would be so sad if he couldn't be there to share it with me.

SO...at 2 pm today we headed up to the school. And let me tell you it was so cute!! There were boys assigned to escorting the mothers to their chairs. There was a Power Point presentation running that had sweet pics of Moms and kids and quotes about motherhood. Once the presentation started, each child had a special role. One read that sweet book "Love you forever", others took each letter from MOTHER and told what each letter stands for and other read poems. Peyton and a girl named Abbi took care of the comedy part of the show (How perfect, huh?!?) The read something called Things My Mother Taught Me.

Peyton: My Mother taught me LOGIC

Abbi: If you fall off that swing and break your neck, you can't go to the store with me.

Peyton: My Mother taught me MEDICINE

Abbi: If you don't stop crossing your eyes like that, they're going to freeze that way.

Peyton: My Mother taught me HOW TO MEET A CHALLENGE

Abbi: What were you thinking? Answer me when I'm talking to you... Don't talk back to me!

Peyton: My MOTHER taught me HUMOR

Abbi:When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me

Peyton: My Mother taught me how to BECOME AN ADULT

Abbi: If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up.

Peyton: My Mother taught me about my ROOTS

Abbi: Do you think you were raised in a barn?

Peyton: And my all time favorite---JUSTICE

Abbi: One day you'll have kids and I hope they turn out just like you...then you'll see what it's like!

They sang songs and gave us packets full of artwork that they had been working on. Then they served us tea, juice, donuts & cookies. It was all very sweet and everyone's mothers were there for them. What a great afternoon!!


Abbi & Peyton reading their poem

Little guy enjoyed the refreshments!

What a HAPPY Mother's Day Tea!