Gran's big day

Let the birthday celebrations begin! Our family has quite a string of birthdays to celebrate in late March and April and the kickoff began on Friday with our niece Riley. That sweet, sweet girl is 8 years old now and continues to be a light in our lives!

Next up was the Great Gran on Saturday. Now when it comes to my big day, I can assure you that the very last thing I plan to do is have a garage sale, but that's what Gran & Pap decided to do. They're getting the white house on Washington ready to sell and insist that even after this weekend, they'll still need at least one more sale. That night, a group of us headed to Hendrix, Oklahoma to eat and one of Gran's favorite eateries-The Dock. This place is only open on Friday and Saturday nights and MAN do they do the business!! It's an all-you-can-eat place that is heavy on the catfish and shrimp. Peyton practically eats his weight's worth in peel-n-eat shrimp whenever we go while Preston prefers the fried variety with ketchup!

Afterwards we headed back to our house so that Gran could "open" up her present. She asked for rose bushes to plant out at the new house, so we picked out some really pretty ones that will yield yellow blooms. This made her smile! She told us the story about how each time she or one of her sisters had a new baby, her dad (Papa Burt) would send them yellow roses. We hadn't heard this story before so it made the choice even more special.

We capped off the weekend with a nail-biting viewing of the Baylor Lady Bear's tight win over UTSA. Hopefully they'll get themselves together before they play again Tuesday night. Both Baylor teams play that night, so SIC 'EM BEARS!

Oh and guess whose birthday is next?? If you guessed me, you would be so right! Only 2 weeks and counting!!! I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!



Welcome to IKEA

We were sitting around today trying to figure out what we wanted to do when it came to me! The Reed boys needed a trip to IKEA. None have them had been there so we loaded up and headed to Frisco. It turns out that they were all only mildly impressed. The following trip to Marble Slab for ice cream turned out to be much more pleasing!!

Entertaining himself in the car

David really liked this chair!

And Little P liked this one

When did Big P get so big?!?!?

His favorite new pose


Gathright Family Sabbatical

One of my sorority sisters and her family have embarked on a "Family Sabbatical". I stumbled across their adventure during Facebook time a few weeks ago and quickly decided to become a stalker to their travel blog-It's 3AM Somewhere in the World Family names: Amy, Abby & Austin and her hubby Mike, otherwise known as 3AM-cute huh?!?) Anyway, the family sold their home in Frisco and are spending the year traveling to Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Tokyo, Austrailia, etc... It's really pretty fascinating, especially considering that they're doing it with 2 small children. Abby is 5 and Austin just turned 3 last week. I haven't read what prompted them to do this, but I think it's all so fabulously brave. I'd like to know. Would you ever do this?

The Gathright family atop the Alcazar tower in Segovia.