Gathright Family Sabbatical

One of my sorority sisters and her family have embarked on a "Family Sabbatical". I stumbled across their adventure during Facebook time a few weeks ago and quickly decided to become a stalker to their travel blog-It's 3AM Somewhere in the World Family names: Amy, Abby & Austin and her hubby Mike, otherwise known as 3AM-cute huh?!?) Anyway, the family sold their home in Frisco and are spending the year traveling to Switzerland, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, UK, Tokyo, Austrailia, etc... It's really pretty fascinating, especially considering that they're doing it with 2 small children. Abby is 5 and Austin just turned 3 last week. I haven't read what prompted them to do this, but I think it's all so fabulously brave. I'd like to know. Would you ever do this?

The Gathright family atop the Alcazar tower in Segovia.

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