Star Struck at the All Star Game

This year on Valentine's Day, David & I spent a very fun night with Peyton. We went to the NBA All Star Game at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. We were part of a Guiness Book of World Records crowd the included 108, 713 people! Although I have to admit that it really didn't seem like that many people. The game was a lot offun but it was a pretty subdued crowd. The boys liked it because there were lots of cool slam dunks but I liked it because there was lots of star gazing to do. The halftime music was done by Usher, Shakira and my favorite of the three Alicia Keys...that girl has got some pipes! Other notables in the crowd included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Shaquille O'Neal, Spike Lee, Magic Johnson and Carmen Electra. Preston stayed with Gran & Pap and had his own Valentine's Day fun!!  

Outside the stadium

My Valentine's Day dates

He was SO excited to be there!



Snow nice to meet you

NEVER in my life have we had so many days of snow! Check out what we did tonight before dinner...

Peyton calls him a "Nutritious" Snowman
Green apple for eyes, carrot nose & buttons and a banana smirk


Not so Super Bowl

Each year my sister hosts a fabulous Super Bowl/Birthday Party at their home for her hubby Bryan. And although I always look forward to these get togethers, the night brought with it some mixed emotions. Here's why:

Got to spend time with family
Missed watching the game with David since he had to work! It stinks when the game is on CBS during Sweeps!!

DELICIOUS food!!                                   
Gained about 2 lbs when I stepped on the scale later that night! Thankfully my weight leveled out by Tuesday.

Played our annual Super Bowl squares game   
Barely missed out on winning the 3rd quarter pot!

Remembered to pull out my new camera to take pictures  
Still trying to figure it out=lots of blurry pics

The boys were pretty agreeable when it was time to go                   
Preston was sick the next morning which may explain his unusually calm demeanor that night

I liked both teams that were playing  
Peyton was bummed that his namesake's team lost. :(

Seriously, it was a good night. Here are a few of my non-blurry pics from the night.

Sweet Baby E

My favorite QB-Peyton

The sweetest "almost" 5 year old I know.

Peyton singing Karaoke on the Wii, Preston backing him up on guitar