Happy Birthday Gran!!

This weekend we celebrated Gran's 60th birthday by taking a trip to one of her very favorite places, Jefferson, Texas. For over 20 years, Judy and her best friends have made the trek to this East Texas city  the week after Thanksgiving for shopping, home touring and lots of laughter. So for her big birthday, she wanted all of our family to take a trip so that she could show us where they stay and what they do. We left early Saturday morning and took 2 cars. Gran drove me and the boys in our SUV while Norman drove David & James in theirs. We stayed at the Faded Rose ,the Bed & Breakfast where they've stayed for almost every one of their trips. The owner is practically family and it was nice to finally meet the woman that we've heard so much about all these years. We hit the historic downtown area and visited shops like Beauty & the Book, Blessings, Jefferson General Store, lots and lots of antique stores. The little Reed boys had a blast and even the big ones seemed to enjoy themselves too.

We gave the birthday girl a tiara and a special birthday button that read: 60 and Sensational! She wore it with pride and got lots of birthday wishes from complete strangers. On Sunday, she even had a woman who was a professional singer sing Happy Birthday to her during lunch! And when we woke up on Sunday, her actual birthday, there was snow flying around. It was a GREAT weekend and a fun way to wrap up our Spring Break.

Birthday Girl during lunch on Saturday at Glory Daze Restaurant

Gran holding up a Jefferson t-shirt in the General Store

Cowboy Preston in the General Store

Family Pic outside the General Store

Preston & Peyton outside the General Store

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

Another pic outside the General Store

David & Peyton at dinner at Don Juan's for dinner

Mom & Preston at Don Juan's

The year round tree at the Faded Rose
(It has Easter Bonnets on it this time of year!)


Super Saturday

I'm blogging two days in a row...SHOCKING, I know! Today was a really fun Saturday. The day started and ended at The Park (Our church, Parkside Baptist) At 9am we were there for a Preschool Pajama Party. Our church is filled with a great crew of folks that love our kiddos so today they invited them for a whole lot of PJ fun. It started with a yummy breakfast of pigs-in-blankets, mini-muffins and lots of fruit. After that the kiddos got to participate in some fun games like giving their favorite stuffed animal a ride around on a blanket in a race around a cone, a PJ relay race, and a hop in your pillowcase race. Preston wasn't too interested in participating in any of these games, but he did help Tria show the other kids how to do the relay race. After that we moved to the youth room in The ROC and watched the Veggie Tales movie about relying on God when you're afraid at night. They capped it all off with a fashion show where everyone showed off their PJs. That was something that our little P loved!! He is quite the ham and wasn't afraid to stand up and pose. He even whipped off his robe so that they could get a better look at what he had on...it was priceless!! 

Posing outside The ROC

We love Heather!!!

Mr. GQ posing on stage

Whipping off his robe to show off his PJs.

Family pic inside The ROC

After the Pajama Party, I had some grocery shopping to do, but quickly found myself sitting outside enjoying the warm sunshine while reading a book. I really hope that today's beautiful weather means that Spring is around the corner because I've had enough of the cold!!

Tonight we headed back up to the ROC for our Music Minister's Retirement Party. It was so awesome to see the new gym packed with people ready to celebrate Delbert & Shirley. Delbert has been at PBC for 30 years and has obviously left quite an impression on the hearts of those that know him. It was so funny to hear him get "roasted". It was a long night but the boys did SO good. What a blessing today was!



I feel like I say this often, but life in the Reed household is just always an adventure. Our latest has been a health issue with Peyton. The best news is that his condition is easily treated with medication and is something that he will outgrow. But our first steps to treatment required a VERY early trip to a Dallas hospital this morning for an EEG. Peyton handled the whole appointment like a champ and even loved getting worked over by the tech...a woman from Leonard who used to work at WNJ and has a daughter that is a nurse at TMC...small world! She gave him the choice of getting his head marked up with a pencil or a sharpie-naturally he chose the sharpie!

Of course dear old Dad had some fun in store for our guy after his successful visit that included a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods for some shopping and lunch at Which Wich, one of Peyton's favorite places to eat. And thanks to a sleepover with Grammy & Granddaddy, Preston was able to keep his normal schedule, which we all know is ever so imporant! When we got back home, and all took a nap, both boys got haircuts...probably something we should have done BEFORE Peyton's appt.

X marks the spot

He loved knowing that his head was full of wires

Check out the craziness coming out of his head! 

Afterwards with Dad and a sucker