I feel like I say this often, but life in the Reed household is just always an adventure. Our latest has been a health issue with Peyton. The best news is that his condition is easily treated with medication and is something that he will outgrow. But our first steps to treatment required a VERY early trip to a Dallas hospital this morning for an EEG. Peyton handled the whole appointment like a champ and even loved getting worked over by the tech...a woman from Leonard who used to work at WNJ and has a daughter that is a nurse at TMC...small world! She gave him the choice of getting his head marked up with a pencil or a sharpie-naturally he chose the sharpie!

Of course dear old Dad had some fun in store for our guy after his successful visit that included a trip to Dick's Sporting Goods for some shopping and lunch at Which Wich, one of Peyton's favorite places to eat. And thanks to a sleepover with Grammy & Granddaddy, Preston was able to keep his normal schedule, which we all know is ever so imporant! When we got back home, and all took a nap, both boys got haircuts...probably something we should have done BEFORE Peyton's appt.

X marks the spot

He loved knowing that his head was full of wires

Check out the craziness coming out of his head! 

Afterwards with Dad and a sucker

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