Weekend of firsts

Both boys (and Mom & Dad) had a weekend of firsts. On Friday, Preston had his first class get together with the kiddos in Mrs. Nehib's class. We met at the Hawn Park Splash Pad. The kids ran through the water and enjoyed ice cream and brownies. It was fun to meet the families of the sweeties that Preston spends his day with. Everyone was excited because even Wendy made an appearance...in her swimsuit of course!
Peyton's first Upward Flag Football game was on Saturday. His team is the Dolphins and dear ol' Dad is the coach. Peyton scored the first touchdown on the first play of the game and had an interception later in the game. Mom is helping with a cheerleading squad and that's a lot of fun...sweet, sweet girls. Of course it's FOOTBALL time in America so you know where the rest of Saturday went. The Big 12 did pretty well including our Baylor Bears. Now we're off to church and the Cowboys tonight.

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