School Days

Today was the first day of school and both Reed boys had a terrific time. Peyton is now in 2nd grade. This is his teacher's first year to teach and we're looking forward to a fun year with lots of enthusiasm. At this age, it gets harder and harder to get anything out of them when you ask what they did, but he did manage to tell me that Ms. Albert is going to let them choose some of the consequences for bad behavior...hmm...it's interesting that that was what stuck!

Preston started Pre-K 3 at Texoma Christian School. It's great because he's next door to Mrs. Link (Grammy) and will get see her everyday! He was very excited about Mrs. Nehib's bird Zoe and a dolly named Wendy that has "cute tennis shoes" but was missing an earring...apparently the lost jewelry happened during Mrs. Nehib's missionary trip to Mexico this summer.

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