Fun at the Flags

We took a 2-day trip to Arlington this week. We spent Thursday at Six Flags and despite the 100 degrees temps we had a great time. Dad & Peyton got to ride the new Tony Hawk rollercoaster that spins as you go up and down the hills...they loved it! Preston and Mom did quite a bit of time at Looney Toon land. We definitely have another coaster enthusiast in the family. He loved being up in the air riding the "hot air" balloons (like a caged-ferris wheel) and the airplane rides that went up in the air when you pulled back on the joy stick. He rode that one at least 5 times! Mom and Dad took turns riding the super big rides and were both blown away by the Titan. Being that high up and going sideways doesn't seem like a good idea when you're up there.

We spent the night and had dinner at Boston's pizza. The next morning we got up and headed to Hurrican Harbor. It was nice to be in the water but getting from ride to ride was BRUTAL! The concrete sidewalks burned our feet and we (along with the masses) were hopping from water puddle to water puddle. Sadly, the hottest concrete was outside the kiddy park. We still had a water-filled day of fun. As a family, we rode the Bubba-tub. Mom was a little skeptical about Pres riding it, but he cleared the 3ft. requirement. Once the ride started he flew up in the air...thankfully Mom & Dad each had an arm. He was a little shocked, but said he wanted to go again. We opted for more fun on the pirate ship. Thankfully we still have Saturday and Sunday to recover from our family fun in the sun!

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