School days, school days

I know we're just at the beginning of summer but the time has come for D & I to make some solid decisions on where little P will go to school next fall. The little guy made it a few weeks at TCS last fall until his utmost disinterest in becoming potty-trained became an issue. He's been in a local daycare since then and has certainly been cared for well there, but it's become more and more evident to us that he needs that extra bit of structure that a preschool setting can offer.

Peyton attended a Methodist Church's Day School when he was 3 and TCS when he was 4 and to keep our toes in the waters of all the local schools we now think that Preston is going to go to a different Church School in the town where I work. The 3 of us went for a school visit today and found the school and the new principal to be a delight. She's got a public school background where she was a principal and school counselor. In addition, she has some special training in behavior modification...need I say more?!? Preston loved the aquarium, the classes, the toys, the computer lab and the artwork that filled the walls.

They do require a uniform, even for the preschoolers, and I'm especially looking forward to seeing him dressed up in his Wednesday attire of white dress shirt, navy pants...and a navy tie! This kid LOVES to dress up so I think he'll think it's pretty great too. If you think about it, say a prayer for us that we're making the best choice for our little guy. You're only 4 years old once!

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