No Line on the Horizon

Monday, October 12th was date night for David & I. Since college, we've both been huge fans of U2. Actually, David was probably their fan longer than that, but for me Achtung Baby IS my freshman year at Baylor. The minute the tickets for the show in Dallas were available, David was on the computer. Seeing them in concert at the new Cowboy's Stadium was the best!! We had dinner at On the Border in Arlington and then practically drove up to the front door to park. I guess when you've got 20 years worth of material, it makes it easy to put on a great concert and Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry didn't disappoint. It was kind of funny to see all the 30, 40 and 50-somethings rocking the night away.

The boys have enjoyed U2's latest album as much as we have. They both have their favorite songs and can sing them word-for-word. Peyton was honestly disappointed that he didn't have his own ticket to the concert, but dear old dad brought him a souvenir...his first $40 concert T-shirt. I think you can tell from the surprised look on his face that he was pretty pleased. Thanks to Grammy & Granddaddy for letting them spend the night so that we could get away.

David outside the Stadium

This is one happy concert-goer outside our front door parking spot!

A look at the stage before the concert from our section.

We walked around the stadium before the show. Here's a few from the top

At our seats after Muse's performance (the opening band)

Date night!!

U2 on the jumbo screen

Awesome concert!

Check out the cool bridges that rotated around the stage.


Getting his first concert T!

Dad & Peyton checking out the dates & concert locations

This smile is priceless!