Pumpkin Partying with the Ps

Tonight was the 2nd Annual Lipscomb Family Halloween Costume Party. Our sweet friends Jennifer & Jody Lipscomb and their kiddos Jackson, Savannah Grace & Lilly Claire hosted a fabulous party out at the Elves Christmas Tree Farm/Pumpkin Patch. And let me tell you something...that Jen Lipscomb can sure throw a party!! There was tons of food, a chance to get your photo taken by a haystack (with a souvenir photo given at the end of the night), a hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick your very own pumpkin, marshmallow roasting by an open fire, pumpkin decorating (with easy-to-use stickers), a costume contest and then a very cool magic show to top things off! The Ps had so much fun. And because it was a costume party, you'll all get a sneak peak at what they're dressing up as this year.

Preston is a state trooper and Peyton is his prisoner, complete with a ball & chain (not seen here).

This is the boys "dressing" a scarecrow.

Posing with their guy!

Peyton working on his cyclop pumpkin...seriously...one eye!

Preston with his alien pumpkin (and a mouth-full of a gummy eyeball!)

Peyton assisting Jamie the Magician. This balloon ended up in 2 after P karate-chopped it.

Mom & the boys...Preston was pretty tired of having his pic taken about this time. (BTW, Peyton's holding the marshmallow roaster...in case you're wondering)
Big Fun tonight!!!

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