Nut Fest Weekend

It's officially fall! The festivals of all local festivals was held in Whitesboro this weekend and for the Reed family means that pumpkins, scarecrows and all things autumn are in full swing. Since we've moved back to Texoma, the Whitesboro Peanut Festival has been a tradition. David grew up in the "boro" so this annual adventure is like Homecoming. It's remarkable how every year there is someone new to meet that had some connection to his past. Of course, we always hook up with David's good friend Jason and his wife Angela. We were excited to find out that they've moved closer, so hopefully we'll take the time to get together more often.

We generally get to the "Nut Fest" early enough to enjoy the parade but with Flag Football this year, we didn't get there until 11:00, but there was still plenty of fun to be had. We enjoyed a lunch of corn dogs & funnel cake (what's more traditional than those delicacies?) and walked around to view the hundreds of booths. This year we took in the car show. With Preston's love of vehicles, we thought this would be a good addition. In general most of these car enthusiasts only want you to look (and certainly NOT touch), but we met one very kind couple that encouraged both boys to climb in. They also got to see the Oscar Mayer Weiner-mobile and a local fire truck.
David & I attended our first Widow's Banquet at church on Saturday night. As a deacon, David has the blessing of ministering to 2 women that have lost their husbands. One of his ladies wasn't able to attend but the other did...and I can already tell that we are going to be blessed by the bucket-load to know this dear, sweet lady. Her husband only passed away in July, so this was a new experience for her too. Please remember to pray for her.

And lastly, apparently it was "Creative Sunday" for the Reed boys. We hadn't been home from church long when Preston comes in wearing this...

Part rapper, part preacher?? He was so excited by our reaction to this outfit that he later came out with this...

And adding to the creativity was Peyton with these airplanes...

He had a substitute teacher this week that made airplanes in class...yes, I know what you're thinking, I thought the same thing...but Peyton has been quite interested ever since and came up with these today. Notice the flag on the big one? It's a flag/capital P...pretty clever boy.

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