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This weekend was my brother Matt's wedding...and it was perfect. Because I am 9 years older than Matt, he's probably often felt like he had more than one Mom (in addition to our sister Nicole who is 8 years older). I can honestly say Matt's new bride Katy is a gift from God. I've prayed for a long time that Matt would find that special someone...that someone that would make him feel as loved as I do by my blessing, David. And how awesome that she is from a family of believers. Over and over this weekend we heard stories about how Matt's & Katy's faith has been admired by those around them. As a big sister, that is a joy that is indescribable!

Mrs. & Mr. Matt Link

Of course the Reed boys were just precious! Preston was quite the scene-stealer several times throughout the rehearsal and at the rehearsal dinner. He and his cousin Ellie Grace were the ringbearer and flower girl. During their first march down the aisle, he pumped out his chest and walked with his arms at his side...it was a priceless sight! Later that night at dinner as the sweet maid-of-honor was attempting to give a speech, Preston shouts out, "Oh Man!" as he joyfully opened the dump truck that the bride & groom gave him as gift. After the laughter died down, Brittany finally got to finish her story.

Peyton and his cousin Emma were the banner bearers for the wedding. Katy's very talented mother created these elaborate banners for the kids to carry during the processional and recessional. The first said, "Here comes the Bride" and the last said, "And they lived happily ever after". Our "big" kids looked so grown up. I was so proud.

Are these not the two most handsome boys ever? I love them all dressed up!!

Peyton took this pic of David & I after the reception. Didn't I have a handsome date? ;)

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