Wisdom and love

Yes, I know. It's been a ridiculously long time since I've posted, but life just seems to be happening at such a feverish pace that I forget to record it online. But I plan to make up for it now with a series of posts and pics.

In the past 6 days, our kiddos have gotten to spend valuable time with 3 people that are VERY special to us-their GREAT-grandparents. David's grandparents, Mama & Papa Reed live right up the highway from us in Whitesboro and we try to visit them often. Over the past year, Papa has suffered some health issues that have left him less talkative, but there is no less love in his eyes when Peyton & Preston walk into his room. The boys are so good about loving on him and there is no doubt that he soaks up ever hug and squeeze from them. Mama is so full of life and we love visiting with her. She is such a strong woman and has worked hard her whole life. I hope she's enjoying her long overdue chance to relax. They are both in their 90's. It makes me wonder if David & I will live that long!!

Mama Reed and the boys

The Reeds

The youngest & oldest Reed men

The boys and their Great-grandparents

My spunky grandmother, our Mema, is in town this weekend to pick up my Uncle Greg from the airport. He's in town from Anchorage, AK and next weekend, along with my parents, is headed to Illinois to visit Mema's brothers and their family. The boys and I got to spend some time with her on Friday night and she came to Peyton's football game to cheer the Colts on to another victory...not that we're keeping score! Isn't she beautiful!!??!! She's got a birthday on Wednesday and although she's another year older, she's still as young at heart as anyone I know.

Mema & the boys