Fall Ball

We have officially become a two-sport family, meaning that both our boys are now playing organized sports. For Peyton it's Flag Football season. He's playing in the Upward league at church again this year and once again David is his coach. Here are some pics of the Colts.

Do these boys look ready to play or what?!?

What a great group of the cheerleaders!

That's our boy with the ball!

And now that Preston is 4, he is old enough to play soccer. We were a little concerned because the week of the first game we still hadn't heard from a coach, but thankfully a very nice dad stepped up and offered to coach our Iron Kids. I had forgotten how quickly disinterested they get when it comes to practice. There is always the need for a "quick" drink of water, the desire to stack up all the cones that are the make-shift goal and the sweetness that comes from picking flowers for your mother in an effort to keep from doing a drill. They're like little busy bees with no attention span! After about 5 minutes into his first game, Preston ran over to David and asked if they had won yet. He was pretty disappointed to learn that it would take more than one goal for the game to end. It's going to be a fun season!

Mr. Friendly waving to a friend from school who is on the other team.

We have action by our little man!

I guess no one told him that the other team would be scoring goals too.