Spring Break and a little Madness

It's been Spring Break this week although it really hasn't felt too different. I took off on Tuesday because Peyton had a doctor's appt in Dallas, but other than that it's been a normal week for us. The boys have really enjoyed spending time with David in the mornings and getting more time with Grammy in the afternoons.

The most exciting thing around here has been the start of March Madness. Each year David has had us fill out brackets so that we can keep up with tournament. This year we've had some extra fun because there is also a Link Family bracket. Everyone from my side of the family has submitted a bracket online...including Pearson who is playing in utero! After the first day my sister and I were tied for the lead. My bracket has suffered a few dings today, but hopefully it will all even out. Since my beloved Bears didn't make the big dance again this year, I'm pulling for the Jayhawks...GO KANSAS!!

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The Links said...

It must be hard to play in utero because Pearson is bringing up the rear in our Family Bracket.