Show Me the Money

Tonight was the 3rd grade music program at Peyton's school. Each year instead of doing one big program with the whole school, they split it up by grades and do programs under one main theme. This year it was Famous Faces. Peyton and his classmates learned songs about some of the people that are on our money and their program was called Show Me the Money! Peyton's favorite song was about Andrew Jackson and was called Old Hickory. At one point in the show, the kids throw out some play money. Preston thought it was real and started to head to the stage to pick it up!!

Even though we were on the second row, my camera didn't take any good pics, but it was Granddaddy to the rescue! Here are a couple of good ones that he took.

3rd Graders

Show me, show me!!

Heading off the stage with his friend Armina

Our sweet Riley top row, center throwing out the money

Grammy, Granddady, Poppy, Nana, Pap and Gran all showed up to see Peyton sing tonight

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