Blessed to be called Mom!

I always feel a little funny when Mother's Day rolls around. There is no doubt that it's nice to be recognized, but really it's us mothers that should be so thankful for the blessing of our children. The sweet Reed boys were so excited for this day. Preston had been bursting all weekend to share with me what he and Bubba got me. He made me a sweet picture that included his hand prints at school. This morning they each brought in their gifts with the biggest smiles on their faces!! Peyton asked me to open the bag he was holding first. Inside was a yellow plastic, blinged out watch that I had wanted. He and I went to Charming Charlie's last week but couldn't find the watch I wanted in yellow, but surprisingly one made it into my gift bag along with some really pretty silver bangles. Magic!!

Next up was the bag that Preston was holding. Apparently the boy's did their very own clothes shopping for me...and did a GREAT job!! Preston had picked out these cute pair of raspberry pants and Peyton picked out a super cute white T that has a little bling on the shoulders. This will be a great summer outfit!! I'm so proud of their thoughtfulness. We headed to church and afterwards had a super, yummy lunch at Loose Wheels. The weather today has been really cold and windy, so of course that called for a Sunday afternoon nap. After that we headed to G&P's for dinner. Pap grilled outside before the heavens opened up and we all enjoyed a steak & shrimp dinner.

Preston helping Gran with the pineapple

Me and my boys

Gran & her boys

Preston Benjamin

Peyton David

End of a super great day!!

Happy, wonderful Mother's Day to Grammy, Nana & Gran!!!

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