Pomp & Circumstance

Tuesday, May 11 was the date of the 2010 Jack & Jen Pink Elephant Class Graduation. And let me tell you, it was cute! The kids sang quite a few of the songs that they've learned throughout the year.  Preston was very serious about his first performance. It was kind of funny because the little girl standing next to him, Riley, was interested in just about everything else but singing. But not Preston, he sang and did his hand motions like a champ.

After their singing they left the stage to don their cap & gowns-with pink tassels...they are Pink Elephants after all! There was a processional where each child received a certificate as their name was called. Preston was very intent on reading his! We've been reading quite a bit here lately and he's starting to recognize words and put together sentences. At one point as he was studying his certificate, he even followed along with his fingers. It was too cute. We're very proud of the progress he's made this year. Preschool started out pretty bumpy for our little guy, but it has ended perfectly!!!

Our happy graduate

Preston singing the Acorn song His friend Riley
was more interested in everyone else around them!

Group sing-along

The Graduating Class before donning their caps & gowns

"Reading" his certificate

Afterwards with Ms. Debbie...

and Ms. Karen...

and Ms Nicole...

and of course, Mr. Larry!!

Our proud family with our graduate

With Poppy & Nana and...

Granddaddy & Grammy and ...

Pap & Gran

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The Links said...

Too Cute!! I love the picture of him "reading" his certificate. He's pretty serious about it!!