It was fun to Skate with Peyt!

Peyton is now 9...N-I-N-E!! It's crazy to believe that that sweet little pink baby that I gave birth to on January 10, 2001 is only one year away from "double-digits"! And he makes sure to remind me of this often.

Again this year, we spread out the birthday celebrations for our first-born. His actual birthday was on a Sunday, so after church we had lunch with Poppy & Nana and Aunt Amberly & Riley at Chili's. I think he was a little embarrassed when the waitstaff came to sing to him, but getting the fudgecake and ice cream made it all worth it! 

Not looking while they sang to him!

Poppy & Nana and their beautiful grandkids.

Cousins-Peyton & Riley-only 2 months apart in age

This year for his birthday party, Peyton decided that he wanted to go skating. Now this kid has really come a long way! Over the past two years whenever friends would have parties at the skate center, Peyton was content to stay at home. He would often tell me that he couldn't understand why someone would want to have a party where all they were going to do is fall down! But after several trips over the summer, my boy has decided that skating is not so bad after all. And although he did his fair share of falling, he always jumped up and got right back out there. It was a fun day and we are so thankful for the family and friends that were there to share it with him.

Homemade Sonic the Hedgehog cake made by Grammy. It was delicious!!

Little brother giving the birthday boy a hug.

The 4.5 year old daredevil-the kid has no fear!
Not even wearing shoes with wheels.
 He was really pretty good!

Emma talked Granddaddy into getting out
 on the rink with skates. What a good sport!

Not sure what this effect was on my camera, but it kind of makes for a cool picture.

Blowing out the candles with some of his friends.

Peyton and his buddy Justin

Gran helping the little man on his skates

Uncle James with the Birthday Boy

Dad & Preston

Peyton with his DSI goodies from Grammy & Granddaddy


Alisa said...

It was great celebrating our first born grandchild's birthday with him. Love you Peyton!

The Links said...

It was fun!!

And I'm so glad that I can comment now!!