Here comes the bride

You know it's really a shame that while brides dream and hunt for that perfect wedding gown, they only get to wear them once. I had told my mom recently that I wanted to try on my wedding dress again sometime when we were at their home and last weekend I got that opportunity. I wanted to try it on again for a number of reasons that of course, included my recent weight loss, but also because it's been 11 years since I wore that big gob of tulle! And do you know what...I STILL love that dress!


Alisa said...

Your mom thinks you are as beautiful today as you were 11 years ago!

Heather said...

Oh, how exciting! You are beautiful! I can't imagine fitting into my dress. I wonder...??? You just gave me a good idea for our next anniversary though - if it fits : )

It was so good to see your whole family again the other night!