Super Bowl Birthday Fun

In addition to yesterday being the day of the "Big Game" our family celebrated Uncle Bryan's 36th Birthday. Once again, the LeBlancs had quite a spread of goodies including some chili that looked DELICIOUS! I say "looked" because honestly I was just too stuffed to even try any. The chips & dips, spanikopita, and chicken wings were too yummy!
The outcome of the game didn't exactly go the way we would have like for it to, but at least it was close! There is nothing worse than a Super Bowl that is a blow-out. Unfortunately, with the Steeler's win, the Cowboy's have fallen behind in teams with the most wins. But David said on his show tonight that The Boys are actually already the pre-season pick to win the NFC next year! Crazy huh?!?

I didn't pull out my camera until we having B-Day cake, but here are a few pics from the fun night.
Singing to Bryan

Preston & Aunt Katy

Uncle Matt & Peyton

Aunt Nicole & a wiggly Miley

Peyton & Ellie Grace

Emma & Preston

Licking the candles!!

Cheesy Super Bowl smiles

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The Links said...

I stole some pictures off your blog. I didn't take any pictures!!

You need to read my super bowl post. You might not have heard the story at the end of the post.

Also....this is the second time we have seen you and forgotten to bring Peyton's birthday present. We'll get it to him eventually....just like last year. We were super late. Oh well....it's probably more fun that way!!