25 Random Things about Me

I was tagged on Facebook to do this, so I thought I'd put it here too. Obviously you already know about #18...

1. I was born on April 5, 1973 in the very same hospital where I work today!
2. I've lived on the island of Crete in Greece. My dad was stationed there while in the Air Force.
3. I was the 5th grade spelling bee champ of my elementary school...go Crutchfield Cougars!
4. My only foray into "politics" was as 8th Grade Reporter at Piner and Senior Class Vice President.
5. I was saved by grace at the age of 10 during Vacation Bible School at FBC-Sherman.
6. My family and I are members of Parkside Baptist Church.
7. I only applied to one college. It's the only place I wanted to attend, so why bother with those other applications!?! Good thing I was accepted, huh?
8. Although my husband and I grew up 15 miles apart, we never met until Welcome Week at Baylor.
9. David and I were good friends throughout college, but didn't start dating until February of our Senior year. We've been together since. Married 10 years last June 20.
10. I wasn't your typical Baylor sorority girl but loved the experience...AXO!
11. I love to go to the dentist! I was blessed with good teeth so it makes me feel good when the hygienist and dentist tell me I'm a boring patient.
12. Understanding that sports would be a huge part of our lives was a pre-requisite for my marriage. When your husband talks about it for a living, you better keep up. I had a good foundation growing up with my dad & brother.
13. I used to play Fantasy football until I started beating my husband and his friends and they banned me!!
14. I am a deacon's wife.
15. I had lap-band surgery on Sept. 23 and am beginning to see the real me coming back.
16. I work with some of my very best friends. Nancy Gill is my inspiration-great Christian businesswoman.
17. I was in an accident a couple of years ago in a Denison neighborhood where the other driver hit me so hard she flipped my SUV. She ended up suing my insurance company and me.
18. I love to blog. Although I prefer to read other people's blogs more. Go to www.reedfamilyofsherman.blogspot.com to see some of my favorites.
19. I'm the world's worst housekeeper.
20. After too many years in the 20's SS class at church, David & I have finally promoted up...although we're in a class with many 40-somethings. We love being the youngest couple for a change.
21. My boys keep me on my toes. At 8 and 3.5 there is never a dull moment.
22. I love just about all types of music. David thinks I'm a freak because there are few songs that I don't know the words to.
23. I hate to be cold. In fact, I'd sleep on flannel sheets all year long if Dave could stand it.
24. I've just recently started drinking coffee, although it's loaded with so much stuff that it's not really coffee when I'm done.
25. I'm blessed beyond measure.

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