Snap out of it!!

It's a cold, dark day in my world. Peyton handed me my mail this afternoon and what I read on a plain black & white postcard just about made me cry...you see I received notification that the last edition of most favorite magazine has been printed. Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion is no more. The January 2009 edition was the last. I have had a subscription since year one (1996) and have held onto every magazine. Somehow I missed receiving the very first mag (not that I haven't tried like crazy to get my hands on a copy!!) but I have every other one. Mary Engelbreit's artwork makes me smile. For years her magazine has featured some of the most fascinating and cute homes I have ever seen. There have been yummy recipes and sweet art projects galore. According to a press release posted on her web site, they are looking for another publisher. I hope they find one. Until then I am stuck with a replacement magazine...Martha Stewart's LIVING...uggg...it's just not the same!

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