Christmas & New Year's Eve 08

Wow, it has certainly been quite a holiday season! With Christmas falling on a Thursday this year, we were able to really spread out our Christmas fun. We are blessed with such a big family that it takes several stops to get it all done. The Sunday before Christmas we had our annual get together with Gran's side of the family. We spent it at Gran & Pap's house. David's Aunt Jane and Uncle Brian were there, along with his cousins, Russell & Megan, Matt, Michael & Amber, and Mitch. Of course David's brother James was there too. We ate a ton and did our annual white elephant gift exchange. The most interesting gift this year had to be the large "nose" that attaches to the shower wall and squirts out soap. Pap ended up with it and I'm sure it got regifted to his brother Charles on Christmas Day!
The boys spreading feed out for Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve

Next was Christmas Eve at Gran & Pap's. This is just them, our family and James. Poor Gran had to work that day, but she had a wonderful feast of breakfast casserole. We even used her 12 Days of Christmas glasses. There are lots of memories made at this get together each year. I count my blessings everyday for Norman & Judy. I don't know what we'd do without them!

Santa's Express at Pap's

The future President with his US book
Gran & Pap

Jenn & Judy

The worker-man with his workin' clothes

Gran with her Ps

The boy loves office supplies!

Chillin' with Uncle James

Christmas Day was as magical as ever! The boys must have really rated high on Santa's list this year because they were rewarded with some pretty amazing gifts. Peyton was most excited about his new Wii game system and Preston's favorite was definitely his jack-hammer. They got many wonderful gifts but we made sure to emphasize that the real gift at Christmas is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We have continued a Link-family tradition and all get together and pray before we see what Santa has left. It's a special tradition and one that I hope they pass along when they have families of their own.

Christmas Day bounty

For Christmas Day lunch we had a wonderful time at Poppy & Nana's home. We got to spend time with David's Mama & Papaw Reed, Nana's mom & dad, Amberly & Riley and Uncle James. Nana outdid herself with a wonderful meal! I was in charge of bringing broccoli, cheese & rice casserole. It took me several days to realize what I'd left out...the cream of mushroom soup! Oh well, there's always next year! After we took the boys home for a nap, we headed back over for a good ol' fashioned game of Mexican Train dominoes. We taught them to play several years ago and its been something that we get a big kick out of. Poppy is so competitive but never seems to win. Nana always plays her hand perfectly to keep him from going out. He is such a good sport!

The day after Christmas, we headed to Grammy & Granddaddy's house. Matt & Katy and Mema were in town so we had dinner together. Mom made Chicken Spaghetti...yummy!! Mema wasn't feeling well, but she stayed up late with us and finished playing Mexican Train.

Mema looks pretty good here considering she has pneumonia!! God love her!

The next day, the LeBlanc's came to town and we celebrated with the Link's. Mema wasn't feeling too well and insisted that we go ahead with lunch and open our gifts without her. We were blessed again with many wonderful gifts.

Preston checking out Ellie's new Barbie.

It wasn't until early that evening that we discovered that Mema was sicker than we all imagined. It was determined that a trip to the ER was needed, so Mom & Dad got her in their car and headed that way. I joined them a little later and that's when our holiday began to turn not-so Merry. Sweet Mema was diagnosed with pneumonia and was admitted to ICU. Because of her comprimised lung situation, the ER physician felt strongly that she needed to be put on a ventilator to assist her breathing and give her body a chance to heal. She agreed and we sent her off towards a deep sleep. This week has been a series of ups and downs in her recovery. She is now off the ventilator and able to talk with us all. What a blessing that has been!! My precious Aunt Melanie and Uncle Randy have been since Sunday. God has blessed our family by the bucket-loads and while never in a million years would I wish this sickness on Mema, I feel its been a blessing to spend time with my parents and my aunt & uncle. We are praying for her strength to return and her infection to disappear. It's going to be a long road to recovery but I feel like she is getting some amazing care. I've always known that TMC is a wonderful place to work, but now I'm seeing what it means to be the recipient of care for a loved one...and Mema is certainly a MOST LOVED one.

Last night was New Year's Eve. I thought it might be good to give the Links and the Grays a change of scenery so they came to our house for an early NYE celebration. I bought everyone hats and we watched David broadcast the Sherman Holiday Invitational basketball tourney live on KXII. It was fun to see the Sherman Bearcats play the Denison Yellowjackets for the 1st place finish. The Bearcats were able to secure the victory. Mema even watched the game from her hospital bed. She told Dad that it was the technical shots that won it for the Bearcats. I love it that she loves sports...must be where I get it from.

Uncle Randy & Aunt Melanie on NYE

Little Mr. New Year's Eve

Granddaddy with the Reed boys.

David was home by 10:15 pm, so he and the boys and I rang in 2009 together. I have cute pictures of us in our hats, but I promised David they wouldn't go on here. Just imagine the cute picture above with David and I.

We're praying for good health and God's continued blessings this year. Love to all!!!

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