Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams!
David is 36 years old today and I am thankful every single day that this wonderful man is in my life. Here is a list of just some of the many, many reasons why I love him...
1. He is a Godly man!
2. He is the world's best dad~our boys follow his every move!
3. He bails me out when I overspend. (Too often I'm afraid.)
4. He is a pretty darn good sportscaster. (One of his coworkers recently bragged to me about his skills, but made me promise to not tell him!)
5. He makes a mean Panini sandwich
6. He is the MOST unselfish person I know and always puts my needs and the boy's needs above his own.
7. He gives the best hugs.
8. He knows more useless sports knowledge than any person should know.
9. He's patient. (A good thing when you're married to me!)
10. He's a snazzy dresser. His shirt/tie combinations are impressive.
11. He is a leader.
12. He has beautiful eyes.
13. He loves my chicken enchiladas. (one of the few recipes I cook)
14. He always comes up with interesting vacation spots.
15. He loves me unconditionally.

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Katy said...

Tell David that we said "Happy be-lated Birthday!"
And we think he's the greatest too!!!

Have you checked out our blog lately???

I"ve actually been updating it.


Matt and Katy