B-A-Y-L-O-R, Baylor Bears Fight!

After a night full of Halloween fun and Friday night football, the Reed Family packed up for a road trip to Waco. It was Baylor Homecoming weekend and we took in as much as we could. David wanted to check out the Castellaw Communications building where we both spent many, many hours during our time at BU. Although there wasn't anything going on with the Telecomm Department, we were happy to catch up with one of David's favorite professors during a breakfast upstairs in the Journalism Department. Carol Perry was instrumental in
getting David involved with Waco ISD's broadcasts.

At Baylor, we don't have the traditional sorority or fraternity houses, but instead there is one building where each of the sororities have their own chapter room. This was built long after we graduated and while we've been to Waco many times since it opened, I had yet to check out the AXO room...until now. How exciting! The Alphi Chis have a beautiful room on the second floor. Of course it is decked out in red & green with lyres (our symbol) all over. Their chapter sponsor Laura is a Baylor Charter member and her enthusiasm about the chapter and the room was infectious! It made me want to be back in college all over again!
Here I am in one of the MANY pics that I took in this beautiful room.

Next it was game time and the Bears did not disappoint! While the first half wasn't so great for Baylor, the second half was very exciting. Sadly, we lost by a field goal to Missouri who was ranked #14 in the country. Our freshman quarterback is really something and I fully expect that watching BU football over the next couple of years is going to be more memorable than the past couple of decades. Here are several photos from the game.

Members of the Baylor Line (all Freshman) carrying flags

I think this must have been special for Homecoming because the Baylor football players entered the field down through the stands! It was awesome to see them file through the Baylor Line.

How many college teams out there have players that head to
the endzone for a pre-game prayer? It gives me goosebumps!

Don't they look sweet? Just minutes before they were trying to tackle one another!

Sic 'em Bears!

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