Tech Camp

Every summer Peyton gets to do some pretty fun camps. This year he did Sherman's Sports Camps and participated in both the golf and basketball workshops. And a couple of weeks ago he did Tech Camp. This is the 3rd year he's participated in this activity and every year he loves it! There was a familiar face teaching his session this year. Mrs. Jennings used to be the computer teacher at his school so he was glad to see her again. This year their week consisted us creating artwork for a t-shirt, creating a DVD cover case, learning about Wetlands and creating a booklet about what they learned and then a made a DVD necklace. Although Peyton's favorite always seems to be working in PowerPoint. It's a fun week with lots of fun activities!

While we're at work during the day, he attends the big kid daycare center that he goes to after school during the school year. This summer they've taken swimming lessons, gone to movies each Tuesday, gone skating each Wednesday (an activity that Peyton has passed on each week-he's never been a fan of roller skating) and every other week they go swimming at the pool that is right done the street from our home. This kid has had a great summer full of fun activities! Oh to be 8 again!

Mrs. Jennings and Peyton with his Wetland booklet
and wearing his sport-themed t-shirt and DVD necklace
On the last day of camp, they have an open house
where the parents can see what they've been working on

Showing us his Wetlands project

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