Yea!! It's APRIL

Our lives have been such a whirlwind here lately. I feel like I'm just sort of going through the motions. David is on Day 10 of a 12-day work "week" so I really shouldn't complain. I could have to be working his schedule! But that's what happens when you're down to a 2-man sports department and one of you needs/takes a vacation.

Peyton has lost another tooth and is causing the tooth fairy to go broke, I'm sure! For the last 3-4 days it has been his sole mission to get that very loose front right tooth out of there, but the funny thing is that when it comes to collecting his dough the next morning, he's already forgotten about it!! Apparently he made multiple trips to the nurse's office before his teacher decided to don the latex gloves and yank it out of there herself!

In other Peyton news we've finally got our first baseball game starting next week. It seems like we've been practicing for months without any games. We were supposed to play in a local tourney this past weekend, but the weather wasn't cooperative. Instead we'll start the regular season against the Yard Dawgs (seriously...that's the other team's name!) on Tuesday night. Go RED STORM!!

The world according to Preston continues to be entertaining. All of a sudden he has become quite the story teller and much to his dad's chagrin, he tells a story like his momma...not leaving out even the most minute detail. He's quite animated when he's repeating what someone else has said too. The kid is something else!

And for those of you that don't know me well, the birthday countdown is officially on. It's fours and counting. I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!! I've always said that presents don't matter to me so much, but the recognition of the glorious day that I was born sure does. I have a very sweet husband who always does a great job of fulfilling the needs of my inner-queen and always makes my special day...special. This year the 5th falls on a Sunday so all my friends at church will have to deal with me too. But yea, it's First Sunday which means that someone will be responsible for bringing goodies to Sunday School...maybe there will be a candle in one of the donuts. :)

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Amy said...

yea! the 5th is also my sweet niece, Morgan Avery's birthday too! you are such a couple of specials...no wonder u were born on the same day! :)