It was a great day

I love birthdays!! And today was that one day of the year when we get to celebrate mine. YEA! The day started out with my sweet boys rushing onto our bed with singing, a sweet card and presents. The presents weren't exactly a surprise but they were just what I wanted. I got four totally cute outfits in sizes that I haven't seen in quite some time. We went shopping yesterday and it sure was fun!

On the way to having some birthday fun with Mom

Next we went to Sunday School and heard another fabulous lesson from our awsome teacher Randy Taylor. As we prepare for the upcoming Easter weekend, I am reminded of the amazing grace of our heavenly Father. What a wonderful time of year!!

After SS, we headed to the metroplex for my birthday activity. We made a quick (and yummy!) stop at Jason's Deli in Allen and then headed on to the Big D for the main event.

Ice cream after lunch at Jason's Deli

Several weeks ago when watching a Mavs game on tv, we heard that they were going to be at home playing the Phoenix Suns (and more specifically Shaq & Nash) on my b-day. I mentioned that that would be a great way to spend the day and my sweet husband really came through!! Wow, was it a fun game to attend--full of records and amazing plays for our NBA team of choice. First of all, Dallas scored 81 points in the first half including a stunning shot at the half-time buzzer by Josh Howard. What made it so stunning was that he was 3/4 down the court from the basket! Also during the game, Jason Kidd passed Magic Johnson on the list of all-time career assists, making him third. When they announced this over the PA, the place went wild. It was a fun atmosphere to be a part of. The Mavs ended up winning the game 140-116 and are only one game away from clinching their spot in the playoffs.

Shaq during introductions

David & Little P at the game

Mom & Big P

Nash with the ball

The family with our man Dirk

Celebrating after the big win!!

All that cheering sure made us hungry, so we headed back to Allen for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. David and the boys feasted on yummy pizzas and I enjoyed fresh fish tacos!!!

Cheesecake Factory Fun

Cheesecake Factory silliness

One Happy 36 year old!

And yes this is a pic of my birthday dessert. Sadly, I was way too full for cheesecake, but REALLY enjoyed the sundae. It was a fantastic day!!

Next week we celebrate Little P. Have I mentioned that I LOVE BIRTHDAYS?!?!?

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The Links said...

What a fun day!!

Sending lots of love and happy wishes on your birthday from The Links!!

We can't wait to see you guys next Saturday!!