And the winner is...

David Reed!! This past weekend David and I headed to Tulsa for an overnight trip. Each year the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters (OAB) host their convention and on the final night they hold their awards banquet. This year it was held at the Renaissance Hotel & Conference Center. (Oh how I love luxery hotels with King-sized beds!!) TV & radio stations throughout OK submit entries for about 25-30 different categories. There are the Metro awards which go to the big stations in OK City and Tulsa and the Non-Metro awards which pretty much comprises of everyone else in the area. Because KXII is positioned where they are (along with the stations in the Wichita Falls/Lawton area), they are eligible to make submissions. And this year David's sportscast won Best Non-Metro Sportscast. This is actually the second year that he's received the award (last time in OK City) and it is really quite an honor.

KXII was also the recipient of the Best Non-Metro Weathercast. That meant that KXII was represented by David, Steve Lenore (the Chief Meteorologist) and Todd Bates (the General Sales Manager). It was fun meeting some of the Who's Who in Oklahoma broadcasting and getting reaquainted with people that we met the last time he won.

David on one of the big screens before he accepted his award
A very proud wife with her winning husband!

The Lenores
Cindy and Todd Bates

The next day we decided to take a tour of Tulsa. WOW! Love this town!! It offers everything from minor league baseball to waterparks to ballet! But... I never did feel like we were in a "BIG CITY". Of course, we had to make a trip to Oral Roberts University to see the big praying hands statue. I remembered visiting the campus when I was a kid, but admittedly don't remember all the 60's architecture. I bet that place was something else in the late 60's/early 70's.

David at the Praying Hands statue.

This building has a flame at the top.

It was a very fun weekend for David & I to spend together. Thanks to Gran & Pap for having the boys over for a sleepover. They had a blast too!

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