The House that Ruth Built

Each year the 2nd graders at Wakefield have a project called the Living Museum. Every student chooses a historical figure and then spends the month learning all they can about that individual. At the end of the month, they dress like the person and give a short speech as the kindergarteners and 1st graders walk through them--like at a museum. They will also do it for friends and family later that night.
For those of you that have spent any time with Peyton over the last 6 months or so, it should come as no surprise that Peyton has chosen to be Babe Ruth. The Museum isn't until next Thursday but tonight's homework consisted of creating a 5 ft. tall backdrop. And who did we call for help??? Grammy, of course! Peyton and I had gone online and printed several historical photos of Yankee Stadium. Peyton had an idea of what he wanted and our super, talented Grammy made it happen! She drew the background and Peyton (and I) colored it. Of course we had to snap and pic and post it here. Isn't it amazing?!?

Peyton has a pretty good sense of humor. He insisted that we include President Roosevelt as one of the fans. Look at the top center and you'll see him in his top hat smoking a cigar! Also, as he grew tired of coloring the circle "fans", he decided that the top left section should all be Cubs fans. That's why that section has all blue heads and red shirts. He's a pretty clever boy!!

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The Links said...

We did this project at the school that I student taught at. It was so fun!!

You guys did such a good job!!