Fresh haircuts and getting over the gunk

Boy, it has been some weekend. The "fun" all started last Thursday when I got the call that Preston had gotten sick at day care. There has been a pretty nasty stomach virus going around and little P was the first in our family to catch it. Even though I'm usually off on Fridays, this week I'd planned to work some that day. Of course, that meant there was going to have to be some schedule swapping. We got just about everything covered and managed to care for the infirmed too!
On my agenda for Friday was a Topping Out ceremony at the new hospital construction site. It's a tradition for construction companies where they celebrate the placing of the final beam on a building. Brasfield & Gorrie hosted lunch out at the site for the close to 300 workers that have been working round the clock to get us up and running in our new hospital. Each person there got to sign their name to the final beam and then it was hoisted to the top of the building and bolted into place. JE & I were just 2 of the 4 TMC employees that attended and it was so neat to be apart of. Our signatures will forever be a part of that facility.
As long as things progress as planned we'll actually be open this December...SO exciting. While I was there David stayed home with the little guy and then Grammy came over for about 20 minutes when I began to run late and he needed to get to work. What a team!!

Me with one of the 4 cakes at the ceremony and the lime green shirt that B&G gave us to wear

The final beam going on the building...so awesome to see!

This weekend was the Texoma Expo out at Midway Mall. TMC hasn't had a booth out there in several years so we decided this would be a good year to get back out there. I was there for about 4 hours on Saturday and it was really a lot of fun!! People came by and checked out the latest rendering of the hospital and I heard tons of stories about how people are so excited for the new hospital to open. I felt like quite the marketer as I stood there handing out Physician Directories and telling about the new facility. It really was a great event and I'm so glad we chose to do it again.

TMC Home Health Director, Stacy & I at the Expo!

On Sunday, we all headed to church. After 2 days, Preston seemed better so we thought we'd get back to our regular schedule. Sadly, the pig-in-a-blanket that the little guy chose for breakfast from Southern Maid didn't agree with his tummy and he and David ended up heading back home. David & I were scheduled for Extended Session with the 2 year olds, so I needed to stay. Later that night, the gunk caught up with Big P. It was not a pretty site (or smell!) in our house! :(-

The boys and I stayed home on Monday. It was basically a saltine cracker eating, Power-ade drinking, Wii-playing, movie-watching kind of day for them and LOTS of laundry for dear ol' Mom. Around 3pm we were all a little stir crazy, so we decided to venture out for haircuts. They were both overdue and since they both had been vomit/diarrhea free we took the plunge. I didn't realize that they hair salon where we generally go is closed on Mondays, so we ended up at J. Tolands. Below are the handsome boys with their snazzy new cuts. You'll notice that Peyton looks like he's just enlisted. His hair grows so fast and with baseball starting up soon, we thought this would be a good look. While we were there, I decided to get my annual cut as well. No big surprises...it's the same as always...long layers...really livin' on the edge I know.

Fresh haircuts

Peyton and his buzz cut

Such a ham!!!

Well, we're going to try to venture back to school & work tomorrow. Pray we don't infect anyone!!

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