Tis the season...

We continued the party fest today! This morning was our church's annual Bethlehem Breakfast for the preschoolers. The kids get to have their photo taken with Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. Each year a couple in our church that has had a new baby play the roles. Since this year's family already had a "big brother", there was a shepherd boy in each pic too! I cannot believe I didn't snap a pic myself, but I'm looking forward to getting the version from Ms. Barbie at church. I was excited because both boys were in the posing mood!!

Today was Peyton's first basketball game of the season. The Rockets played really well, but we came up short with a 10-9 loss. Big P did a great job in his role as point guard. Once again, no pics. I was too busy cheering!!

Finally, we went to the Rawls family's annual Christmas party. It's held at the home of one of my dearest, life-long friends parent's house. Tammie lives near Tyler now and has a precious little boy named Dylan who is her little twin. Tammie's parents go all out for this event. Santa Clause even makes an appearance each year. They are so in-the-know to be able to get the big guy to come by during this busy time of year! I DID get pics from this...enjoy!

Peyton-7 (8 is January!)
Here is Santa's helper Imogene reading
the kids Santa's Favorite Story.
She sure strikes a resemblance
to someone we know!!
Precious friend Tammie & Jenn
Jennifer & Monica-another sweet friend from growing up

Peyton with Santa

Preston with Santa (he had just asked for an airplane)

One minute he's happy & dancing...

The next, he's pouting because he doesn't want his pic taken!

And then, happy again!!

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