"Helping" out friends at Christmas

This summer Dave and I decided that although we've loved the SS class that we've been part of since we joined The Park (7 years ago!), we figured it was probably time to leave the 20's class and move on to one that was a little more (ahem!) age appropriate. Boy, did we ever underestimate what we were getting ourselves into! Tonight was our SS Christmas party. It was held at our friend's Sylvia & Todd's house and was a very nice gathering. We had dinner catered by Devolli's (yum!) and then a fairly friendly ornament exchange. Oh, but that's not all that happened...at some point after all the gifts had been opened and exchanged, the talk turned to how much we missed our friends Vicki & Kyle.

You see the Anderson's were in the car with their boys headed to Tennessee to celebrate an early Christmas with some of Kyle's family. Someone mentioned that Vicki hadn't decorated for Christmas this year which led us to the decision to "break" into their home and "help" them with that task! Poor trusting Vicki & Kyle...too many people in the room knew their garage door code, so getting in was a piece of cake. Now, how did we decorate? Pretty shiny ornaments? A fragrant holly wreath? Oh no, it was a full-on Tacky Christmas!

Believe it or not Chris & Gina had an extra Christmas tree in the back of their truck (??) so we set it up and decorated it with napkins from our party, pine cones freshly fallen from S & T's yard, oversized red bows and one of those "classic" garland-rimmed stars with blinking lights for the top. Larry & Leslie couldn't resist a trip to Wal-Mart for a "few" lights for outside. We hung those suckers everywhere!! There were plastic candy canes hanging in trees outside and every imaginable type of light was thrown over bushes and shrubs. With all the commotion that we caused, I CANNOT believe that we didn't get a visit from the local authorities called to the scene by neighbors wondering what a bunch of 30-40 year old adults and a gaggle of kids were doing in the yard of a family that was gone for the weekend. (You better believe we involved the kids, we couldn't leave them at the church all night!!)

The Anderson family is due back in town Sunday night. Someone is going to go plug in the lights before dark, so that they can truly experience the love of their friends. Crazy Baptists. Good times.

The instigator at the scene

Chris & Mary Jo trying to figure out all the lights

Hanging the candy canes in the trees

Putting up a shiny wreath on the front door.

Check out the bow on that tree!

Leslie, Vicki G, and Kaylie stringing lights inside

Attack of the Candy Cane

Outside View

The Decorating Team

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