Partying Around the World

Let the madness begin! Peyton is officially out of school for Christmas. Instead of a traditional Christmas party, this year the teachers decided to incorporate their recent lesson of learning about different countries. They've been studying China, Italy, Mexico and Ireland. On Thursday, each child took their "passport" and as a class went to each of the four second grade classrooms for a snack from that country and a craft. Peyton's class was Ireland. I was in charge of teaching the kids about the craft that Ms. Albert selected. It was supposed to be a mobile that looked like a rainbow with hanging shamrocks, but we quickly learned that we didn't have enough time to complete it when the first class came through. They ended up just glueing the shamrocks to the rainbow and it was still very cute!! It was also a lesson in ROY-G-BIV. Remember learning that?!?

For their snack they had something called Champ which was basically just mashed potatoes with scallions. One mom made soda bread and another made Rice Crispie treats, not really Irish but of course the kids LOVED them. :)

The other classrooms had food donated by local restaurants. (Guess we don't have an Irish one in Texoma!) In Mexico they had chips & salsa from La Mesa, in Italy they had spaghetti from Olive Garden and in China they had fried rice. La Mesa even sent a gift certificate that could be the prize for a drawing and you'll never guess who one.........

The Big Winner!!

Ms. Albert & her class (notice who is STILL holding up his prize!!)

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